Websites That Internet Marketing Firms Look To First

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When you think of the beginning of social media, you have to immediately think of MySpace. It was the teenager’s paradise, somewhere you could personalize a webpage and have all your friends connected to it. It has lost importance over the years, but it cannot be disputed that it started this whole social media revolution. It would definitely not be used by any internet marketing firms, but it would definitely still be on the list of important social media websites if not for music alone.

Next near the bottom of the list is a site that is still hugely popular, but is definitely on the decline. Facebook, although extremely important at the beginning of its life, has become too broad for people to focus on. There are too many other outlets that people can use for their specific needs. You have instagram for pictures, twitter for your thoughts, there is really no other reason to use Facebook aside from staying connected to people from high school andInternet marketing companies using it for their own purposes.

One site that it starting to gain speed in the social media world is Pinterest. If you do not know, Pinterest is a very unique site where people have their own page and “pin” their interest (pin + interest = Pinterest, brilliant right?) on their page for people to see. The pins are usually pictures of some sort and their main users are women, but I think it is a very popular and will be around for a while.

If you are looking to share pictures, Instagram has taken that part of social media and locked it up tight. With instagram, you can post and share your own pictures and the pictures of other people very easily. Also, you can edit your photos that you take with different filters to help enhance the quality of your pictures. Being able to follow other people to see all of their pictures is an added plus as well. Social media marketing companies like fishbat, Inc. use it because of its popularity and for good reason.

By far the most important website in the world today is Twitter. Because of its ability to share information so quickly, Twitter is extremely versatile. Not only can you share any type of media you want, but you follow just about any person that you find interesting. From news to sports to celebrities, there is almost nothing you can’t find out if you follow the right people. With the addition of the hash-tag, twitter has revolutionized social media and the way that people gain information, which is why it is number 1 on this list.

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