Google is Cracking Down!

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There are lots and lots of automatic blogging application platforms out there. The thought behind them is that you push start then they send spiders out through the web, trolling for content that matches certain keywords you put into the program. The system then usually takes that written content and publishes it on your site. You then get to enjoy some great benefits of having a regularly updated website without having to do any of the true work of writing and making that content yourself. It may seem like a wish come true. Except that…

It looks like Google is going to start cracking down greatly on sites that do not use original content. They are building measures to allow the spiders to check out your content to make sure that it hasn’t been copied from somewhere else. If the site your operating has mostly copied written content, you will be in for some real trouble. You will certainly lose points in the eyes of Google. So what does this indicate for those people who are hoping to create an automated company?

Mostly it ensures that business owners all over the Internet are going to have to learn how to work very hard or find the funds that will allow them to work for them. This is actually a great thing. It helps to guard those individuals who have done the hard work that goes into developing original content. This also helps make sure that a person is managing a legitimate company. If you aren’t very good at creating or writing content for your site, you need to pay somebody to create that content for you. Trust us when we say that the investment will be really worth it.

The real truth is that, on the web, lots of websites are created using the hard work of other people. The sites then make money by using that plagiarized content and placing lots of ads on every page. This can be an easy way to earn some extra money but if you get caught you can be sure that the trouble will be a lot. Stealing articles is sort of an issue, after all. Students are already expelled from Colleges all over the planet for not giving proper credit to a source. Imagine the suit you may be facing if you don’t credit your source appropriately or even just blatantly steal someone else’s intellectual property! Isn’t it easier just to do your own composing and creating?

The real truth is that if you really want to earn money, you need to be prepared to do some serious work. Google is attempting to pay back the people who are doing that hard work while hitting the people who are stepping on the backs of the hard workers. This is a good thing. It will help to make things on the web a lot more fair for those who are really trying to help others and make a real living instead of rewarding people who use shoddy tactics to make a quick buck.

So, for anyone who is a web entrepreneur, you need to get ready to do some real (and often hard) work. Google is just trying to find a reason to take down individuals who aren’t willing to do real work!

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  1. Alex Rhoded says:

    Google’s algorithm has changed a lot in the last year which has negatively impacted many sites with mass links bought from ebay of websites offering thousands of links for £10. They have a new disavow tool which can help remove these.