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Every website no matter of the size and the scale of its organisation there is always that constant need for being search engine optimised. A company main online objective is to become on the first page of Google to not only be above their competitors but to stand at the centrefold when a user is clicking on something related to their service line. Every minute of the day Google search results are being loaded and we have to be aware what our potential visitors are searching.

SEO is the framework that will give a clearer understanding to the main keywords that are being searched and you can break this down in terms of location and search category. We have to understand that users are clicking on the first page when the results are shown as most of the time they don’t go beyond page three.

There is always room for improvement and the largest websites have not been search engine optimised.

Companies want to get an idea what their visitors are searching and the customer conversion rates. An SEO company applies all the methods to ensure the website is getting properly ranked from all major search engines that includes Yahoo and Bing. A generated report is made on the average click through rate for a keyword targeted to your industry.

SEO is performed grow from the ground up rather than doing PPC that may be a short term solution. Even whilst running PPC campaign it is still important to have SEO knowledge and understand search terms that users will want to apply. Organic search is the best way forward and its the content that really makes a huge difference.

There are many options a business can take advantage of when it comes to organic search ranking and growing their position. Plenty of companies do like to pay advertising in getting ranked that is expensive in the long run and does not guarantee they link above their competitors. Make sure you can mention to your friends, family and colleagues the benefits of using SEO.

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